We could all use a frew more places to put our things, especially when driving. It’s also important to keep the items secure, both from sliding around and out of sight to onlookers. Thist console adds serious storage and has a space for most every daily item you may bring with you. Doors and the slip-resistant surface make sure that items stay in place.

Storage compartment slides open to quickly access your notebook, sunglasses, or other items for daily use. Slides closed to keep them securely put away and out of sight.
Space between the console and the dashboard screen can fit your small electronics. Charge your phone, and tuck both it and the charging cables out of the way to keep things less cluttered and give more room on the console for other items.
Adds storage above while compromising none of the bult-in storage below. It also adds privacy to your things, keeping them out of sight.